We travelled with Sara international on hajj & umrah package which was a complete shambles we were abandoned in Al Azzizya for days without any transport to go to Makkah to pray the daily prayers we had to spend a lot of money on transport to get about obviously getting ripped off because of the Hajj days being so busy, most people in our group agreed they felt very let down, they promised the five star Hyatt International hotel which turned out to be the three star Hayaatt international sounds similar...!!! Even though the food was included in our package the food in this hotel was so bad we had to go out to eat again spending more of our money.

There were also religious cults who wanted us to take oaths of alligences with them When we refused they became quite agitated. Tavel with Sara international has left me very disappointed.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have had some experience also, perhaps you did not explain the issue or deal with the company directly.

We contacted them when we had a concern and all matters were addressed, allowing us to have a wonderful experience.


Idris Abdur Raqqib from Hajj 2008 & 2012

I came upon Sara International Travel via an internet search . I sent an email and received a very quick and professional response.

Based on my initial and follow-up contacts with Sara representative(s), I decided to committ to use their Umrah/Hajj services. Al Hamdulillah, Allah led me to the right source. I made Umrah/Hajj in 2008. Sara provided various resources to assist us in this undertaking: live and (live) video seminars to educate us about the Umrah/hajj rituals/requirements and the time frames involved in the various visits to historical locations in the Mecca and Medinah areas.

Additionally, the Group Leader(s) were well informed and provided the knowledge to facilitate proper Umrah/Hajj performance. May Allah grant the best of rewards to Sara International and all of its staff for contributing to the best of our “journey of a life time”.

San Francisco, California, United States #716711

We went with them in 2010. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!

Very dishonest company, couldn't care less about their customers. Please don't spoil your Hajj by going with this company.

Don't be fooled by their glamorous website. Check out other reviews online, and on www.hajjratings.com


i tottaly agree with this review, please donot try even with sara international.


to nazneeen akhter #878507

I am agreed with you. Most people from Canada this year cannot go.

Haj.due to neglegence of Sara international New York,USA. At last movement they said.

We cannot get the haj visa.they expo ilex our haj.ihope. More people from canda has same situation.talk about and send email


we like sara ,it's good company to go to hajj and umra with

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