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I would advise you never, ever, ever to book with Sara. They are very good and attentive, as long as you are still in America.

They do not meet you when you arrive in Mecca, you have to find them. The group leaders did the minimal, and sometimes less. Once they move you to Aziziyah...forget about it! You cannot eat the food- they left it out for hours.

The last 2 days we were there, they stopped serving food.The last day- no water either. You will pay for transportation to the Haram from Aziziyah.People paid for 3 to a room and got 6. Rooms dirty. Bathrooms dirty.

Staff members sleeping in the prayer room in the basement (where your luggage was stored) and some of the hotel staff would be passed out in the lobby. Azziziyah smelled and there was garbage in the streets in front of the Hayat Msaken. The dirty pans from the dinner were left to bake out in the sun. When I was there, the hujjaj revolted and demanded Zameer come and fix things.

A few bathrooms got cleaned, that is about it. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT use them This is your Hajj and while Hajj can be physically difficult at times, your anger at being ripped off will spoil the spirit of what is the most amazing journey you will ever take.

The trips they promised are more like drive bys. We didnt even get to pray at the masjid -e-qiblatain.

Review about: Sara International Travel Hajj 2016 Vacation Package.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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